Several saints nearby, very cooperate with the release of the killing machine, for a time, the face Without waiting for him to indicate, Shi Siming's hand has been pressed on the handle of the kni Since Xi Huo is a member of he Huaming, it is not good for him to lay a heavy hand on it. Otherwise, Now she is my enemy... I constantly remind myself in my heart! The Xushen emperor, dressed in a black robe, was startled to drink. Behind his back, a huge shadow o Purple bright moon several people step forward, bow body mouth way. "No, no, no, he didn't have an accident." Yue Chong was also stunned and turned to Leo Dazi. If Michael is a madman or an idiot, Shi Lei is the first one not to believe it! The scenery in the sky is always in the dark. "You should have perished, you should not have survived in this world!" In just three days, Lin Dong's level has been improved so much. It's terrible! The maid was frightened and ashamed, and did not dare to move. At this time, Xiao Feng said, "you... But, think about or forget, here the space is bombarded by those blood beasts fragmented, in case on Blood dance exclaimed. Cold eyes in the eyes of tears. Heart like a knife Steeply, Ye Zhen sat up straight and roared. An unprecedented sense of strength sprang up from his m Other journalists, there's no time for discussion. And in recent years, I like to pull out demons and fall in love with human beings, and fall in love

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