But the black spirit God restored the reason again, and seized the strange thing that swam on the ha Zhou Lei patted Xiao Feng on the shoulder: "Lao Zhao is right. Although the cost is high, the rest o The last time Andrew opened that special place, made the prison become turbulent, only to make peopl I'm here for one purpose, that is to make up with you and sign a formal contract. We'll shoo He has mastered the authority of this blood nest. Some giant insects, like cockroaches, with many small joints on their wingless dorsal armor, did not This guy has been very reserved since he got here. How could they not understand how Jiang Hanwei, who was still powerful as a tiger, saw this woman at "Dear candidates, you have been waiting for a long time. Now please follow me to the location of the He threw out the chess game to promote his own Lingshu Pavilion. Of course, Yang Yi also planned to Chen Haoran was in a hurry to attack, but the high priest saw that he was quick and accurate. Just now, the attack of Xianyu was just his immortal magic power, and this attack was his must kill But now, they are surprised to find that Li Hao has already soared into the sky, and they are still They're being exploited by the Portuguese vampires. " Anyway, Zong Han has an account. It's up to you to go south this time. But it's hard for him to know that he's like a man Physical defense is not as strong as physical attack. Even the two empress dowagers of the East Palace sent people to deliver a message: the emperor, the

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